Age 3 to 4 

This period is the golden period for each child. Playing is the main activity for children in this phase while they develop their skills in 5 aspects (affection, language, cognitive, socio-emotional and physic motoric). Many kinds of stimulation will be provided through dynamic class sessions and daily activities which will be more emphasized in the process of building the akhlaqul karimah of each child. 

From this age, children not only will be stimulated to memorize Al Qur’an and Al Hadiths, but also to practice how to do the right way of worship (Wudhu, Sholat and Du’a). Children are encouraged to be grateful for what they have and being self-motivated to do all good things because of their love and gratitude to Allah.


Age 4 to 6


At this age, the child will be trained to become a true 'Life-long Learner'. Stimulation will be given so that the child can motivate himself to do everything that he thinks good for him and for his environment.

Beside Tahfidz Program, stimulation to High order thinking abilities (analyzing, evaluating and creating something new), Communication skills, Metacognition Knowledge and many kinds of early childhood life skills will also be provided through hands on and meaningful daily activities throughout the year.