Yayasan Pendidikan Murah Hati is connected with Yayasan Murah Hati Ngargosari, Boyolali. 

Yayasan Murah Hati Ngargosari was founded by Bapak H. Darsono at Desa Pucang, Ngargosari – Boyolali, Center of Java in December 2012.  



This organization currently have hundreds of children and adults to learn Al Quran (for free) in Madrasah and Masjid As-Sidas, Boyolali. This organization also manage many kinds of social activities and community service for people around the village.

Yayasan Pendidikan Murah Hati (located in Cibubur, Depok - West Java) then established in 2013 to develop an ‘Islamic with international-standard’ educational program to collect fund needed for all operational cost of Yayasan Murah Hati Ngargosari. 

The mission of these Foundations is to eliminating blindness to : 

  • Al Qur’an (develop ability of Moslems to read, write, understand the contents of Al Qur'an)
  • Proper and right way of Islamic worships
  • Akhlaqul Karimah