Our Vision and Mission 

Yayasan Pendidikan Murah Hati exists to provide knowledge and deep understanding about the content of Al Qur'an, right worship skills based on Sunnah, good moral training based on the Quran and Al Hadiths together with core skills that will be needed in the 21st century. 

Through consistent and meaningful daily routine activities, we provide an excellent learning experience and environment that will fit each child’s need and condition based on their developmental milestones. 
We are preparing the children to be ready for life; not only for certain academic tests:  to be life-long learners and wise problem solvers in their real life in the present and the future.

All of the team members will also try to nourish the children’s mind, body and soul with Al Qur’an, together with high-quality educational program to develop their critical and analytical thinking ability, creativity, collaboration skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, digital literacy, student leadership, international mindedness and many other 21st Century Skills that they will need to live their life intelligently and appropriately as global citizen to create a better and more peaceful world.